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Join the wellness community in downtown Huntington Beach at the Pier Plaza & Beach on the weekend of August 24th & 25th. Enjoy a variety of wellness classes on the sand, talks & workshops, mindful vendors, the ‘Zend Den’ and new ‘Biohacking Zone’, live music concert with ocean views and food + drink options to enjoy. 

About the Festival


The 2 day festival is hosted in downtown Huntington Beach for all ages and levels welcome to join. The wellness classes will be hosted on the sand which include different style of yoga classes with top instructors from the best local studios along with Tai Chi, meditation, sound healing, breath-work and movement. Join workshops and talks in the upper parking lot area along with massages and tarot readings.

Shop with a variety of mindful vendors at the ‘Zen Marketplace’ in the pier plaza and parking lot area. Enjoy samples with healthy products, clothing and apparel, jewelry and an assortment of yoga products.

Come check out the concert with a huge stage on the boardwalk with a variety of local bands and ocean views during the day. Both the Zen Marketplace and concert are free to attend and tickets for classes are available with a GA or VIP pass for 1 or 2 day option to enjoy. 


Our Classes

Wellness Class


A variety of yoga classes from local OC Yoga Studios will be led by top teachers which includes Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Kundalini options on the beach

Sound Healing

A very relaxing sound healing will be led while you chill on the beach to reset and restore yourself


Enjoy a powerful breathwork class and unplug from life. Turn on, tune in and drop out

Music Concert

Music for the Soul

Enjoy music all weekend with a variety of top local bands and artists with ocean views next to the pier all weekend. This is open to the public and free to attend. Come relax and chill with ocean views and sit on the steps or lawn area to enjoy some great tunes.

Live Longer

Biohacking Zone

The Festival has expanded this year with the new ‘Biohacking Zone’ as this is a growing market for the health and wellness community to learn more. Biohacking your body means changing your chemistry and your physiology through science.

The Biohacking Zone at the festival will be hosted in the parking lot and open to the public for free with top brands and ocean views out-doors. Learn all about the newest and greatest science and education for living a more enriched life with hosted talks for free.

Biohacking includes: Blood tests, CGM, sleep optimization, ice baths, cold therapy, DNA testing, fasting, breathwork, vitamins and nutrition, skin care, activity trackers, hair regeneration, healthy food, stem cell research, strength training, intermittent fasting, meditation, coffee, supplements, sleep, cold water, optimizing muscle growth and repair, keeping your brain sharp, improving blood sugar control, enhancing longevity, saunas and more!

Meet our Team

Teachers & Classes

Brian Shaheen

Brian Shaheen

VINYASA FLOW from Studio OH Yoga Costa Mesa


This creative all levels Vinyasa flow practice will get you in touch with your body, breath and the beat of your heart I take pride in developing fun yet safe sequence, as well as integrating pranayama (breath) into the practice, this will help you to cultivate more presence in the flow on and off the mat.


Mandy Adams

Mandy Adams

A Manifesting Breathwork Experience from BEHIND THE LIDS


Class Description Join Behind the Lids for a transformational A Manifesting Breathwork Experience where you’ll step through the doorway of infinite possibilities,get clear about what you want to call in, set the intentions and Activate your Abundance through your Breath!!

During this journey, you will…

• Clarify Your Vision – Be inspired to dream big and cultivate a mental picture of what you truly want in life.  

• Breathe Into Your Vision – Experience a powerful breathwork session where you’ll breathe in your vision and breathe out all things that no longer serve you, helping you to manifest even faster.


Red Jen Ford

Red Jen Ford



Marizol Ortiz

Marizol Ortiz

Reiki Infused Sound Bath


A Reiki infused sound bath is a meditative experience that combines Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, with sound waves creating a harmonic resonance that can shift brain waves into a state of deep relaxation and meditation to help participants relax and realign their energy.


Michael Taber

Michael Taber

The Art of Tai Chi


Come experience with Michael Taber of AstroTaber, this ancient movement meditation of Tai Chi. This practice is the foundation for many martial arts, Taoists and eastern medicine. Balancing the yin and yang energy of one’s life, Tai Chi is a great way to get grounded, heal and restore the internal and external body gently. Discover the subtleties of life within and without this ever flowing practice of expressing one’s Chi.


Sat Ardas & Ajeet Savitri

Sat Ardas & Ajeet Savitri

Sacred Healing Journey with Sol Yoga

5-6pm on Saturday

Step into a sacred sanctuary where the healing art of breath and the soothing embrace of sacred sound converge in a harmonious dance of restoration and renewal. Allow yourself to release, to unwind, as you surrender to the rhythm of your own breath, a sacred conduit for releasing stagnant energy and inviting in vibrant, revitalizing life force. Immerse yourself in the symphony of healing vibrations, as Crystal Singing Bowls, Planetary Gongs, and an array of ancient instruments weave a tapestry of sound that resonates deep within your being, guiding you on a journey of profound self-discovery and inner healing. May this immersive voyage leave you bathed in a luminous glow of rejuvenation, your essence restored to its natural state of balance and harmony, and may you deeply connect to the sacred rhythms of the universe and the infinite source of healing energy within.




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Join as a volunteer or vendor

Looking to join the OC Yoga Festival as a volunteer with our team or as a vendor/sponsor? Simply click on the link to the right and contact us…